Multiple Languages

We produce videos in EU and Latin American Spanish, British and American English, French, German and Italian.

Multiple formats

Situational Drama
Vox-pop / Interview
Vlogger / Youtuber

Excellent Locations

We can film almost everywhere, thanks to our ongoing agreements with locations that are usually hard to get, like public places.

Video effects

We use the latest green screen technology, which can place the actors in front of different backgrounds, create “tv-studio” environments, mock documentaries, etc.


We are masters in producing low cost, high quality short videos (3-5 minutes) for your textbooks.

Usually the videos are complementary materials to textbooks, which depict everyday situations, follow several characters (students, family) and show all kinds of events. The language is controlled and matches to the vocabulary and grammar from the corresponding coursebook.

We take care of everything: getting the permissions, locations, casting the actors, filming, postproduction and conversion of the videos to the format you need, be it DVD or the Internet.  And quick. You needed it yesterday, right?

Our videos are modern and engaging, visually appealing, engaging and fun to watch for your intended audience (primary / secondary / adult education). They are full of culture and life: from the big, noisy city to the quiet countryside. In short, the best possible videos to bring language work alive and make you stand out from your competition as a publisher.



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