Multiple singers

We have an extensive database of singers, male and female, and even a full choir!

Cover songs

We produce cover versions of well-known songs, so you only have to pay the composers, not the record company.


We can create karaoke songs for your learning activities, including video!

Incidental music

We produce music beds or incidental music for audiovisual productions, and arrangements based on rights-free loops, saving the costs for music rights.


We know how difficult and expensive it is for publishers to use original songs in their projects. That is why we have produced hundreds of cover songs with our own musicians and singers.

And if you need original compositions for your lyrics, just tell us the kind of arrangement you need and we will produce it, from a solo guitarist to a full orchestra and choir. Or maybe you just need a rhythm pattern and a rapper for your Alphabet song.



You can access our demo reels right away by filling in the form below.

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