For over 20 years we have been producing audio for educational publishers in Europe and USA. You just need to look around, a huge percentage of Spanish language textbooks have our trademark.

The reason why our clients keep coming to us? Our commitment to you and your textbooks, our expertise in the field of audio for education –from artistic directors to voice actors and audio engineers, and our attention to detail. 

We are old! 😉 Our first productions were cassette tapes, later CDs and now MP3 files and other web-audio formats. However, no matter the format, the production quality has always been there: hand-picked selection of professional, engaging voices of all ages, brilliant direction and careful editing by audio engineers who know very well the specifics of the textbooks: the right pause for the “listen and repeat” exercises, the relation between dialogue and sound effects… All the tricks and standard practices to make your textbook come alive and be loved by students and, most importantly, teachers.

Multiple Languages

We produce audio in Castilian and LatAm Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, and other European languages.

Network of Studios

We own studios in Spain and Germany, and we built an extensive network of partner studios in the US, Latin America and Asia, to cast the exact accent that you need.

Voices Trained for Education

An extensive database of actors and voiceover talents of all ages trained for language education projects.

Quality Control

From the headquarters we make sure that the audio coming all our studios complies with our quality standards, for a perfect volume and EQ match.



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